Thursday, March 22, 2018

free git repository manager

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Image result for gitas we know that now days, git is one of important thing that we have to master.
I'll give you one impportant thing of git, it's can help you to turn back your program to previous version and not just that stuff, but so many benefits of mastering git for programmer.

according to the image, we should git commit and push it so repository in case of fire, what does it mean, it means that, after we push your program is save from loss or damage by harddisk, so this day I will share some free git repository manager that can store your program repository and you can work with your group and can clone it everywhere and every time.

1. GitHub
I think, if you say github, someone beside you will understand quickly 'its site to download a software or to developt a software' due its popularity. so it's deserve to be number one here.
due to it's popularity, this git repository manager is limited for free user, you just limited for 5 user and you can create private repository.

this is the number two, a lot of benefit of this git repository manager such as its unlimited repository, private repository andunlimited storage, you can't find that on GitHub, just consider to check this out to find all the free feature.

3 GitLab
This one is so perfect too,
but I try this one just a while, so if you find the differences about this one, please don't fear to give us a comment down bellow..

there was my recommendation of git repository manager, every one have their plus and minus, I use both of them, so what you use? and why?
just answer down bellow..

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