Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Java : Java mysql connect

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Hi everybody,
This time I want to make a Java tutorial,
Java is my native language, because I live in Java island, Indonesia.
but I am not fluent in Java programming.. hahahah,
some meme said that indonesia is `WKWK Land`, yeah, I know it, because we usually using hahaha as awkwkwkw.

at this time, we will not going so deep, I will tell you about connection first, so just take it easy.
I'll share to you, how to make java connection first, so come back again latter, because I'll show you how to start java programming using netbean 8.1, so stay tuned

you can see java script bellow,

keep an eye on it, because we will use it again at next level.
don't forget to come back!!

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