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Music and lyrics application

Hi everybody, sorry. It so long time I am not post my blog. I am very busy. As you know, I am super busy people - - forget it--
OK, I'll share to you about the title. Is it interested? I don't think so. I Forget how to make an article. Because of, I am very busy...
It's enough, ok. I have my top two application that very recommended for you guys. What is that??? Check it out.
Do you ever heard about TTPOD? Okay, ttpod is one of applications that very recommended for you. Why? Don't you ask why?
Because, this application have so many database of lyrics. When you download the lyrics, it automatically download it's artist or singer pictures. Wow, amazing right?
You can download music on it also. So, you waiting for what to download it? What? Waiting for me? - - forget it-- 2. Music match
Music match, as it's name. This application can match the music with it's lyrics. But, this application can't download it's image of music cover like ttp…