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Java : Java mysql connect

Hi everybody,
This time I want to make a Java tutorial,
Java is my native language, because I live in Java island, Indonesia.
but I am not fluent in Java programming.. hahahah,
some meme said that indonesia is `WKWK Land`, yeah, I know it, because we usually using hahaha as awkwkwkw.

at this time, we will not going so deep, I will tell you about connection first, so just take it easy.
I'll share to you, how to make java connection first, so come back again latter, because I'll show you how to start java programming using netbean 8.1, so stay tuned

you can see java script bellow,

keep an eye on it, because we will use it again at next level.
don't forget to come back!!

Exo Ko Ko Bop m4a

This song titled ko ko bop is the 4th album by EXO, named the war.
For the first time I heard it, it's so attractive so I try to upload this.
here we go

if you want to download this, just use it as preview.
don't forget to buy the original song, that you can buy it as Rp.7000 in indonesia. so you can buy it on play store or a DVD.

this file ko ko bop is formated M4A from itunes


7 Months using licensed IDM

I want to tell my story about using Internet download manager, who do not know about internet download manager in this world? I thing everybody who use internet are know about this downloader software. this software can help you to maintain your download, collect your download, resume your yesterday download and make your download thing more faster than usual.

I used an illegal copy of IDM before, but I am try to buy one lifetime licence that provided by some site that sell to me the licence. The price is only $29.95, if you want to know the detail of the licences you can read it bellow

1. IDM lifetime license.

IDM Lifetime license purchase is one-time payment. There are no any additional annual fees. The license will be valid for lifetime. It means it will never expire. When free updates period passes, you can purchase subscription for updates and it will be notably cheaper than purchasing a new license. Lifetime IDM license will work even if you decide to not pay for updates unlike o…

Whatsapp for windows desktop

This is the big news for window user that want to chat using your desktop, yeah, it's whatsapp for windows desktop. as you know that whatsapp become a popular messaging this time, so will you tell me you have no idea about whatsapp??

OK, just a little about whatsapp, that whatsapp is mobile messaging that get it's popular on android platform and growing up to another platform, windows is not it's exception too. that's way, whatsapp release it's windows application to make chatting more easier using physical keyboard, not just a little keyboard that sticky on your phone screen.

there was so many thing that I like and dislike from this software, but over all, this program is cool. it can help you stay connected with your friend through the internet.
but sometimes, we feel so lazy to tapping on mobile phone, we need bigger thing to type, and this is the answer, when you try it , you'll love it.

There some thing I like to this version is
- I have bigger part to typ…

360 vs PANDA vs MCAFEE review

For several days, I am searching for a good antivirus and I try 360, PANDA and MCAFEE all of them are best antivirus, but in this case, I want the best one. picking data from my few days research, I can tell to you about that antivirus on my opinion and by my experience using it. I am using 3 GB RAM, intel pentium. so if I said it slow down my laptop it can be vary.
1. 360 TOTAL SECURITY First, it's 360 total security security. this is good security, on the official website it's says that this antivirus can handle ransomeware that very booming now days by it's effect. honestly, this antivirus is good enough for home user, beside it is free, I think it can handle so many viruses. but I do not like this AV's behavior, Why??? this AV's always asking for would you like to allow or not? and this action always popping up so often. while another AV's delete the malware directly without asking so often. I do not know this problem because of me who do not understand or …

Git GUI program

Do you ever heard about git?
Yeah, git is the most important program for programmers nowadays, because we can track everything we changed. Not just a programmer, student or designer can use this program. for the example, you do a job, and suddenly you want to make your task back like yesterday.. what should you do? if you are git user, you can just take it back with no worries, no matter it image or text file..

the big but is, cab you memorize all the git command, it was killing me when i try to memorize the command, therefore,
I looking for this software that can help you maintain your git repository, no worry about command..

1. Gitkraken
Gitkraken is javascript based application, ya, this program written in javascript, that's way its so beautiful. not just beautiful, this program is so powerfull too, it can handle your git memorizing problem.

Baby face's story

Hello, everyone.
My name is Dwi Ahmad. yes, I am indonesian. I am not fluent in english, but I am trying to do this to improve my skill.
I just, want to share my experience to be a Baby Faces Boy.
when I am on facebook, my United States friend look at my 7 years ago alongside my current photo, he talks to me that, I am good, than I ask him, which one? he answered, both. when I tell him it was my 7 years ago picture, he was like, holly sh*t, you are not going old.
Yes, I am.....

When I am trying to open for bank account, the banker asks me, where's your school address? please man, I am 22 years old, OK, but some people said that I just like midle school student, I am not tall, my face small, and I am small.

That thing is not enough, when I try to get my ID card here, it's so difficult to do, my pain is tripled... no one believe me that I am 22 Y.O, OK I am done.

Some day, when the company that I worked in held a program, the instructor said that, I am the most baby faced here.…

Xiaomi MI band 2 review

Kali ini saya akan share pengalaman saya menggunakan xiaomi MI band 2 ini. Jam pintar buatan xiaomi ini sudah saya pakai kurang lebih selama 6 bulan terakir. Menurut pengalaman saya, jam ini sangat bergaya dari segi tampilan, tetapi kurang bisa di andalkan dari segi fungsi. Terlebih, pada fungsi step counter.
Pada fungsi step counter, kita goyang goyang aja sudah di Anggap langkah, kadang, Ada langkah Yang tidak di hitung dan kadang terlebih. Untuk fungsi sleep tracker, lumayan bisa di andalkan, mulai kita terlelap sampai kita bangun. Yang paling saya banggakan adalah fitur dari unlock smartphone, jadi kita tidak perlu draw pattern untuk unlock hp kita. Tinggal dekat kan smart band kita dan sudah otomatis terbuka. Selain itu, Ada perbaikan tambahan seperti fitur nama pemanggil. Jadi kalau Ada telefon, nama penelfon akan tampil pada smart band Anda.. Pada segi battery, perangkat ini bisa bertahan kurang lebih 1 minggu untuk sekali charge. Hal yang tidak saya suka di sini adalah, pasan…

Charlie Puth Attention

Jangan Lupa untuk berkunjung untuk postingan terbaru saya..
akan saya upload 3 besar lagu di spotify untuk anda

atau anda bisa tinggalkan request di kolom komentar..
Jangan lupa untuk membeli lagu unruk mendukung penyanyi favorit anda..

link download ada dibawah
- M4A
- MP3


David Guetta 2U (ft Justin Bieber)

David Guetta 2U (ft. Justin Bieber) ini masih 10 besar di playlist spotify indonesia lo.

putar player diatas untuk putar online,
untuk download silahkan klik link di bawah ini.

- M4A
- MP3

Jangan lupa untuk selalu membeli lagu, untuk mendukung penyanyi favorit anda.

*..* Request lagu? silahkan tinggalkan komentar dibawah...

Despacito (ft. Justin Biever) download

Karena kurang bahan dan kurang bahan bahasan,
Saya akan post kan lagu-lagu yang lagi hits di indonesia, dan polling berdasarkan 10 besar yang diambil dari spotify

Despacito remix (ft Justin Bieber)

untuk lagu bisa dipreview diatas.
dan bisa di download di link bawah ini

- M4A
- MP3

gunakan link diatas hanya untuk preview,
dan beli music original untuk mendukung artis.

Remix dan Phoenix OS : Distro Linux Android Telah Bangkit?

Belum lama ini, teman saya iseng minta di install kan linux, karena takut laptop nya yang berbasis windows akan terkena ransomware. karena linux yang kurang user friendly dikalangan pengguna windows, maka saya agak memutar otak...
bagaimana cara agar teman saya bisa menggunakan linux, tanpa harus belajar dari awal dan aplikasi nya lengkap seperti windows...

Kemudian saya mulai browsing sana sini, dan menemukan salah satu postingan tentang Remix os dan rival nya, Phoenix os. kedua android desktop ini berasal dan dikembangkan oleh china. tetapi yang rasa cina nya masih kental yaitu Phoenix OS..

OK, untuk tampilan dan GUI nya mirip dengan linux kebanyakan, icon yang besar besar secara default hanya saja android desktop yang berbasis pada android-x86 ini memilikai taskbar, fitur close, maximize, minimize, pointer, double klik, klik kanan dan banyak lagi..

untuk lebih jelasnya, kalian bisa melihat dan membandingkan langsung di website nya..
- Remix OS
- Phoenix OS

saya akan menyampaikan s…