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How To Make Nokia Become Modem – thank you for visiting my blog. all people from over the world, such as Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, American, Mexican and other country that i can't mention one by one. this time, i'll try to post about make your nokia phone as modem. may be a lot of you know this trick, but i post it for someone like you . ok, first of all you must have nokia with GPRS system. second, the phone must have bluetooth or cable data. third, you must have Nokia Suite. Data Cable install nokia suite at your computer system, conect your phone with data cable. your phone will ask you, and you have to choose “Suite”. if your phone had been conected, please click “connect now” botton on left side. and foila, your computer connect with internet without modem. Bluetooth if you haven't data cable, don't be worry. because, nokia suite support bluetooth connection. before you open suite, you have to activete your phone bluetooth. without Bla Bla Bla your phone w…

pixlr-o-matic for desktop pc

ever you heard about this app? if you android user , you may know about this app. because this app well known in android device, and now it provider make this software work at windows device. nothing different this app in android or windows. this software work perfectly with minimal system requirement. so if you have old pc, or old OS you also possible to run this software. android now is best-seller operating system in the world, so it's app also popular. lest we wait photo editing like momentcam work at pc. we always hope it.     ok, this is screen shot and how to use pixlr-o-matic in pc devices. check it out !you just need to open app and click icon computeryour choosen picture shown at corner of rightplease choose your effectchoose againchoose your frameat the end, choose computer icon. and save it.thank you. please add my line account with id : DH269